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About The Glenelg Contract Bridge Club

The Glenelg Contract Bridge Club is a community-based club that provides the opportunity to play contract bridge in a pleasant setting. We have been in the Glenelg area continuously for over 40 years. Members span the whole spectrum of experience and skill from Grand Masters to Beginners.  Lessons are on offer to students who are beginners and supervised sessions for new and experienced players are provided.


Our clubrooms are situated in a scenic location in the Sea Rescue Squadron Hall off Barcoo Rd. West Beach. There is ample parking for our members in the spacious car park.


We like to feel that we are a very hospitable club and welcome new members.  We feel that Bridge in our club offers an ideal opportunity to enjoy an excellent social environment.  



The Constitution of the club can be downloaded in Word format.

Our Code of Conduct can be downloaded in Word format.


Our Club History can be downloaded in PDF format.

What is Bridge?

The form of Bridge played at Glenelg Club is called 'Contract Bridge' and was invented in 1925. It is the most popular card game in the world with over 100 countries as members of the World Bridge Federation.The estimated number of Bridge players exceeds 60 million. Bridge is played by four players and is a partnership game with one partnership opposing the other.


The advantages of Bridge include:

  • You can play in any weather.

  • There is no age barrier. Players as young as five have been known to play and players in their eighties have competed effectively in and won World Championships.


  • Bridge can keep you mentally alert in your latter years and can quite probably help you live longer.

  • It is possible to play Bridge despite severe physical disabilities. Deaf people can play, as can blind people. There have been blind competitors in the world championships.

  • It is relatively inexpensive to play.

  • You can play socially or competitively. Either way the game offers a significant challenge.

  • You can meet lots of new people at Bridge clubs.

  • The popularity of Bridge is possibly due to the fact that it can be played at all levels - socially, at bridge clubs (from beginners to advanced) and in tournaments. Bridge played at clubs is called Duplicate Bridge as the hands are duplicated so that the same hands are played by each partnership.


* Click here for 'Introduction to Bridge' videos.*

Other Clubs

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You will find details of both affiliated and non-affiliated clubs.

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